Cfp Between XIV.27 (May 2024). “Other possible worlds (theory, narration, thought)”


Cfp Between XIV.27 (May 2023), Other possible worlds (theory, narration, thought)
Edited by Paola Del Zoppo (UNITUS - Tuscia University), Giovanna Fiordaliso (UNITUS - Tuscia University), Alessandro Cifariello (UNITUS - Tuscia University) and Emanuela De Blasio (UNITUS - Tuscia University).

Extended submission deadline: 2023-06-30 (Friday)
Estimated review response: 2023-10
Publication date: 2024-05-31 (Friday)

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Current Issue

Vol 12 No 24 (2022): Entering the Simulacra World. Aesthetic and Cultural Phenomenologies in Literature, Media, and the Arts

Edited by Alessandra Ghezzani, Laura Giovannelli, Francesco Rossi, and Cristina Savettieri.

Cover illustration You look lost in thought (photo CC4.0-BY-NC Yuyeung-Lau/Unsplash)

Published: 2022-11-30



Conversation Pieces / Interviews: Ed. Massimo Fusillo

Open Field: Ed. Clotilde Bertoni, Niccolò Scaffai

Between the Texts/Reviews: Ed. Giulio Iacoli, Beatrice Seligardi, Claudia Cao

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