Psychic Reality: A Critical Perspective Between Psychoanalysis, Phenomenology and Hermeneutics

  • Vinicio Busacchi
  • Ignacio Iglesias Colillas


This article addresses the question of psychic reality, pointing out the difficulty of a univocal and holistic definition, due to the opposing theoretical perspectives and the fragmentation of scientific knowledge. Even the analysis from the point of view of the reality of the unconscious is extremely problematic, not only because of the challenge to Western thought that the notion of the unconscious has represented and represents, but also because of the existence of antithetical readings. The critical analysis developed by the phenomenologist Michel Henry is, in this sense, paradigmatic. Starting from the thematisation of some aspects highlighted by Henry, this article takes the path of phenomenological research on the unconscious and, from here, proceeding through Paul Ricoeur’s lesson between phenomenology and philosophical hermeneutics, it shines a light on the understanding of what can constitute the “substance” of psychic reality.


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Busacchi, V., & Colillas, I. (2021). Psychic Reality: A Critical Perspective Between Psychoanalysis, Phenomenology and Hermeneutics. Critical Hermeneutics, 4(2), 35-58.

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