Editors' Introduction

Psychoanalysis and Hermeneutics: An Introduction

  • Giuseppe Martini
  • Ignacio Iglesias Colillas


An overview of the relationship between psychoanalysis and hermeneutics. We would like to open this introduction by confessing an initial ambition that we now see with a more critical eye. The idea that initially prompted the construction of this issue of Critical Hermeneutics was to rethink in a systematic way the relationship between these two disciplines that have constantly but ambivalently attracted each other, perhaps since the birth of the younger one: psychoanalysis. However, we realised that the goal of a systematic review of the relationship between hermeneutics and psychoanalysis is not yet feasible. There are too many directions that can be given to reflection. The works that have arrived and which we will briefly present in the next paragraph testify precisely to this polyphony of voices, sometimes dissonant, but fertile and innovative. Indeed, by moving in so many different directions from clinic to art, from historiography to phenomenology, from ethics to textual analysis the resulting picture contributes to broadening perspectives, but also suggests the epoché of any possible claim to synthesis...


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