Spaced out. Narrating space with images

  • Giovanni Vito Distefano
  • Marina Guglielmi
  • Lucia Quaquarelli


This issue of Between is dedicated to the study of comics. This volume originates from the research project of a group of scholars from the Universities of Cagliari, Bologna, Paris Nanterre and from the Academy of the Fine Arts of Bologna. In sharing interests, study perspectives and creative practices, the members of this research group have creates some important opportunities of discussion dedicated to comics, such as the cycle of seminars Storie lievi in 2015 and 2016.


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Author Biographies

Giovanni Vito Distefano
Università di Cagliari
Marina Guglielmi
Università di Cagliari
Lucia Quaquarelli
Université Paris-Nanterre
How to Cite
Distefano, G. V., Guglielmi, M., & Quaquarelli, L. (2018). Spaced out. Narrating space with images. Between, 8(15).