Clean Slates, Slates of Problems: Adventures of Cancel Culture

  • Giancarlo Alfano
  • Clotilde Bertoni University of Palermo
  • Pasquale Palmieri
Keywords: Cancel Culture;, Fiction; Controversy


As controversy is the common thread of this column, it’s worth dealing with the one about Cancel Culture, nowadays among the most burning and most unsolved: Giancarlo Alfano explores one of its most dramatic explications, the demolishment of statues and monuments; Clotilde Bertoni considers some recurring topics (and some recurring unbalances) of the discussion; Pasquale Palmieri analyzes the intricate relationship between authority and society which forms its background, and its impact on communication’s dynamics.


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Alfano, G., Bertoni, C., & Palmieri, P. (2022). Clean Slates, Slates of Problems: Adventures of <i>Cancel Culture</i&gt;. Between, 12(23), 436-455.
Open Field: Ed. Clotilde Bertoni, Niccolò Scaffai