A Room of Their Own. Goliarda Sapienza’s Il filo di mezzogiorno From the Page to the Stage

A conversation with Ippolita di Majo

  • Maria Rizzarelli Università di Catania
Keywords: Goliarda Sapienza’s Il filo di mezzogiorno, Ippolita di Majo, Literature and performance, Theatre, Intermediality, Dramaturgy


The theatre rendition of Il filo di mezzogiorno by Goliarda Sapienza – edited by Ippolita di Majo – is a perfect example of the adaptation of a complex, stratified, and extremely fascinating text by an author/actress whose writing possesses a strong, intrinsically performative vocation. This conversation with the dramaturg follows the steps of her embracing of Goliarda Sapienza’s novel and allows us to put into focus the approaches she took in her intense, passionate work of conversion into a theatre pièce, as well as in creating the characters and the stage background.


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Rizzarelli, M. (2021). A Room of Their Own. Goliarda Sapienza’s <em>Il filo di mezzogiorno</em&gt; From the Page to the Stage. Between, 11(22), 262-270. https://doi.org/10.13125/2039-6597/5013
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