Ipermodernità: an Introduction

  • Niccolò Scaffai Université de Lausanne
Keywords: Hypermodernity, Raffaele Donnaruma, Niccolò Scaffai


The imagery inspired by technology is not necessarily a postmodern one; nevertheless, the technological turn, which organizes and reconfigures our experience of reality and of art, is a fundamental condition in the cultural logic of postmodern (or better, postmodernity). This complex interconnection of different and controversial issue is the topic of the discussion about Raffaele Donnarumma's essay Ipermodernità. Dove va la narrativa contemporanea (Bologna, il Mulino 2014).


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Niccolò Scaffai, Université de Lausanne
Insegna Letteratura italiana moderna e contemporanea e Letteratura comparata presso l’Université de Lausanne
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