Preface: De-Marging Methodologies, Blurring Media-Texts

  • Mirko Lino
Keywords: Inter-mediality; Trans-mediality; Cross-mediality; Convergence; Narratology; Film and Media Studies.


In this preface I try to briefly illustrate the methodological perspective with which this special issue of Between Journal, edited by Hans-Joachim Backe, Massimo Fusillo and myself, analyses the intrinsic complexity of the concepts of inter-mediality, trans-mediality and cross-mediality. The aim of this research is to further extend the field under investigation interlinking directions and perspectives, methods and approaches, to understanding the hermeneutic dimension of inter-trans-cross-mediality. Concentrating on the complexity of the texts and present-day medial contents, we have tried to contemplate actual methodology, gathering together contributions from different sectors scholars (comparative literature, film, Tv and media studies, game studies, etc.), with particular attention to the innovations brought about by the ubiquity of digital technology and the osmosis between cultural institutions and productive processes.


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