Hard-boiled Pastiche in the Postmodernist Novel: Osvaldo Soriano’s Triste, solitario y final

  • Simona Micali University of Siena
Keywords: Parody, pastiche, hard-boiled, Osvaldo Soriano, Philip Marlowe


The article offers a quick survey of the postmodernist rewritings of hard-boiled fiction, focussing  in particular on pastiche and parodistic transformations. The second part is devoted to a closer inspection of Osvaldo Soriano’s Triste, solitario y final (1973), a novel which – at the same time – parodies, continues and overthrows its model, Raymond Chandler’s stories on detective Philip Marlowe.


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Author Biography

Simona Micali, University of Siena
Simona Micali is Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Siena


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