The obscene flatulence of reality - Cinico tv: an ideological analysis

  • Giacomo Tinelli Università Alma mater studiorum - Bologna
Keywords: ciprì, maresco, cinico, television, ideology, Žižek


The short films of Cinico tv, directed by Ciprì and Maresco, shooted during the 90's and settled in Palermo, show an unclear comedy. Many people consider them an unfair way to humiliate the poor characters that are victim of poverty and ignorance. Nevertheless, even if the sorrow is object of a pitiless survey, it is radically 'dramatized' up to the point that we can consider the clips as a parody of the kitch representation of television.

How do the mechanism of parody and of irony work in our humoristic era, that is to say when the retoric tool of understatement has become a fundamental feature of the ideological representatiopn of medias? Is it a well founded accusation the one that consider Cinico tv an attempt against morality?

We'll try to answer these questions, trying to figure out witch kind of comedy is the Cinico's one through the analisys of formal and thematic features of several clips and being aware of the critic of ironic society by Slavoj Zizek.


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Author Biography

Giacomo Tinelli, Università Alma mater studiorum - Bologna
Giacomo Tinelli (30/10/1986, Merate -LC-) is a Phd student at university of Bologna, in comparative literature. His main research issues are on ideology and self-representation through the medias of today. He's studying the work of the italian writer Walter Siti. He has worked toghether with "Between", an italian review of comparative literature, and with the Centre of Ideology critique of Cardiff.


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