Outside of conventional canons: «Corriere dei ragazzi»

  • Clotilde Bertoni Università di Palermo
Keywords: Corriere dei ragazzi, Alfredo Barberis, Valentina Mela Verde


This «Rereading» is devoted to «Corriere dei ragazzi», one of the brightest and most original teenagers’ magazines ever conceived, thanks to its comics’ variety, to its ability to blend seriousness and humour, and to the leading role it gave to readers. Our foreword retraces its history and its main features, paying special attention to one among its most unforgettable comics, Valentina Mela Verde, by Grazia Nidasio. Then we republish some excerpts from the column held by the editor Alfredo Barberis, whose lesson of democracy and openness turns to be definitely interesting even nowadays.


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Rereading: Ed. Clotilde Bertoni