New New Realism. On Ipermodernità by Raffaele Donnarumma

  • Valentino Baldi
Keywords: Hypermodernity, Raffaele Donnaruma, Valentino Baldi


in 2010 the publisher Einaudi proposed a very fashionable editorial project called Atlante della letteratura italiana (Atlas of Italian Literature). The work, in three volumes, was conceptualized upon historical periods and cultural movements (Middle Ages, Renaissance, Enlightenment) as well as upon relevant geographical areas, thus mingling history, historiography and topography. The editors, Sergio Luzzatto and Gabriele Pedullà, wrote a dense Introduction where they discussed about the originality of their project and the aim of literary historiography in our contemporary era.  


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Baldi, V. (2014). New New Realism. On <i>Ipermodernità</i&gt; by Raffaele Donnarumma. Between, 4(8).
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