Editors' Introduction

  • Silvano Tagliagambe
  • Natalino Valentini
  • Lubomir Žak
  • Massimiliano Spano
  • Vincenzo Rizzo
  • Andrea Dezi
  • Domenico Burzo


The thought of P.A. Florensky is a peculiar expression of Russian philosophy and, more generally, of Russian cultural identity. At the same time, it can nevertheless be regarded as a legitimate heir to the cultural tradition which from its powerful Ionian roots unfolds through the peaks and abysses of Western philosophy stricto sensu, up to the ultimate crises of contemporary thought...


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Tagliagambe, S., Valentini, N., Žak, L., Spano, M., Rizzo, V., Dezi, A., & Burzo, D. (2024). Editors’ Introduction. Critical Hermeneutics, 7(2), I-III. https://doi.org/10.13125/CH/6109