In memory of Gianni Maniscalco Basile

  • Darko Suvin McGill University
  • Marina Ciccarini Tor Vergata University of Rome
Keywords: Gianni Maniscalco Basile, Invited paper, Science fiction, Utopian studies, Utopian/dystopian literature, Music, Politics and ideology, Russian culture, Russian philosophy


This invited article is a tribute to Giovanni Maniscalco Basile, reflecting on his multifaceted contributions as a scholar, and cultural enthusiast. Darko Suvin highlights Basile’s extensive work and interests spanning Russian politics and ideology, music, science fiction, and utopian studies. Suvin underscores Basile’s unique intellectual presence, likening him to a Renaissance man with a profound ability to interweave diverse fields. The article delves into Basile’s engagement with Russian utopian and dystopian literature, his polyglot abilities, and his critical approach to blending historical and futuristic narratives. Suvin discusses Basile’s role in elevating science fiction as a legitimate field of academic inquiry and his efforts in integrating it with contemporary cultural and political critiques.
Marina Ciccarini further explores Basile’s life, and personal and professional background, emphasizing his broad interests, between literature, politics, music and physics, and eventually providing a selected bibliography of his works.
In conclusion, the article portrays Giovanni Maniscalco Basile as a profound thinker whose interdisciplinary work continues to inspire discussions on creativity, freedom, and the intellectual’s role in society.


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