"Suspension of disbelief" vs. "Secondary Belief": fictional worlds in Coleridge and Tolkien

  • Paolo Pizzimento University of Messina
Keywords: Fictional worlds, Suspension of disbelief, Poetic faith, Secondary Worlds, Secondary belief


This article aims to analyse S.T. Coleridge’s theory of suspension of disbelief and poetic faith, which seems to overshadow a conception of the literary work as displaying a “separate universe” capable of reconfiguring the experience of everyday reality. This theory, particularly through the mediation of Owen Barfield, exerts a considerable influence on J.R.R. Tolkien’s essay On Fairy-stories, which enters subtle controversy with Coleridge and opposes and opposes the suspension of disbelief with his “Secondary Belief”. The difference between the two authors can shed light on dissimilar conceptions of the ontological status of the fictional worlds.


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