Stefano Lazzarin (ed.), Dante trash. Sulla desacralizzazione della Commedia nella cultura contemporanea

  • Mattia Petricola University of Bologna




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Author Biography

Mattia Petricola, University of Bologna
Mattia Petricola is a PhD student in comparative literature at the University of Bologna and at the University of Paris-Sorbonne, researching intermediate states between life and death in literature, cinema and comics from E.A. Poe to today. He holds a Master of Philosophy in Italian Studies from the University of Pisa. His research interests include thanatology, speculative fiction, video art and queer hermeneutics. He has presented papers on Philip K. Dick, Peter Greenaway, queer and spectrality studies.


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Petricola, M. (2022). Stefano Lazzarin (ed.), <i>Dante trash. Sulla desacralizzazione della Commedia nella cultura contemporanea</i&gt;. Between, 12(23), 541-546.
Between the Texts/Reviews: Ed. Giulio Iacoli, Beatrice Seligardi, Claudia Cao