Practicing Dissent. Interview with Giorgina Pi

  • Serena Guarracino Università dell'Aquila
Keywords: Angelo Mai, Giorgina Pi, Bluemotion, Theatre, Performance, Political engagement


Giorgina Pi is a theatre director, activist, video maker, and outspoken feminist. She is among the founders of the Angelo Mai collective, who transformed an abandoned warehouse in Rome into one of the city’s most active cultural hubs. Home of the artistic formation “Bluemotion”, Angelo Mai represents an uncommon form of grassroots initiative joining cultural experimentation and political commitment in a network expanding both nationally and internationally. Here, Giorgina Pi talks about practicing theatre and art as a form of dissent, and how this shapes creative relationhips and experiences.


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Guarracino, S. (2020). Practicing Dissent. Interview with Giorgina Pi. Between, 10(19), 479-489.
Conversation Pieces / Interviews: Ed. Massimo Fusillo