John Rieder, Science Fiction and the Mass Cultural Genre System

  • Francesco Nieddu University of Cagliari


Reviwe of John Rieder's Science Fiction and the Mass Cultural Genre System.


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Author Biography

Francesco Nieddu, University of Cagliari
PhD student in Philological and Literary, Historical and Cultural Studies, modern curriculum, at the University of Cagliari, with a research project on the persistence of Utopia in the Twentieth Century English and American science fiction that focuses specifically on the different narrative representations of the theme of the harmonization of diversities – social, ethnic, and gender – in relation to their historical context.
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Nieddu, F. (2020). John Rieder, <i>Science Fiction and the Mass Cultural Genre System<i&gt;. Between, 10(19), 605-611.
Between the Texts/Reviews: Ed. Giulio Iacoli, Beatrice Seligardi, Claudia Cao