Internationalism and dissent in the Gruppo 63

  • Francesco Muzzioli Università Sapienza di Roma
Keywords: Neo-avant-garde, Innovation, Literary alternative, Gruppo 63, Dissent, Cultural radicalism.


An international approach is a fundamental value of the Gruppo 63, which arose with intentions of de-provincialization and relationship with similar movements in other countries (especially France and Germany) from the very beginning This openness beyond national borders was linked to the search for an alternative position, about which a heated debate opened in the sixties and seventies between critics and authors of the cultural left. In particular, in the Gruppo 63 an attempt was made to link radicalism in textual practice with political dissent, a contact between "two revolutions" which, despite their good intentions, in the burning years around Nineteen Sixty-eight failed to tighten up in the end.


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Francesco Muzzioli, Università Sapienza di Roma
Dipartimento di Lettere e culture moderne
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Muzzioli, F. (2020). Internationalism and dissent in the Gruppo 63. Between, 10(19), 291-306.