The Landscape of Theory, the Form of a Discipline. On La scrittura e il mondo: An introduction

  • Niccolò Scaffai Université de Lausanne
Keywords: theory of literature, la scrittura e il mondo


Between has always been attentive to the teaching of literature. The tools for teaching and studying the theory and the comparative history of literature are in fact important objects of our discussion. That is why we chose to dedicate the "In discussione" section to a volume like La scrittura e il mondo. Teorie letterarie del Novecento (2016) by Stefano Brugnolo, Davide Colussi, Sergio Zatti and Emanuele Zinato, which is a remarkable companion for studying the subject at university level. The section includes three contributions: by Giancarlo Alfano, Valentino Baldi (who promoted the discussion)  and Luca Marangolo. Alfano in his article highlights the strengths and some lacks of the volume; Baldi emphasizes some of the crucial aspects of the book and recalls the value of the theory on an international scale; Marangolo, finally, comment on the greatest theoretical references of the volume, reflecting in particular on the importance of formal theories. The dossier is completed by a collective response of the four authors.


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Scaffai, N. (2017). The Landscape of Theory, the Form of a Discipline. On <i>La scrittura e il mondo</i&gt;: An introduction. Between, 7(13).
In discussion: Ed. Niccolò Scaffai