How to Study Literary Realism as Archive Art? The Case of Charles Dickens' Later Novels

  • Aleš Vaupotič University of Nova Gorica
Keywords: archive, realism, archive art, Charles Dickens, the avant-garde


The paper proposes to approach the issue of literary realism through the prism of archive art, i.e. the artworks that are archives of objects, documents, statements, even other artworks by other artists etc. The preservation of the otherness of an entity, which is subsequently taken up and kept in an archive, is one of the key challenges involved in such projects. The second task of an archival artwork is to construct—in fact add—an encompassing totality that correlates with the authorship and gives significance to the archive-artwork as a whole. The paper scrutinizes possible links between the archival approaches to art production in the 20th and 21st centuries and the practices of realist writing beginning in the 19th century. 


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Author Biography

Aleš Vaupotič, University of Nova Gorica
dean of the School of humanities, head of the Research centre for humanities, assistant professor
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Vaupotič, A. (2017). How to Study Literary Realism as Archive Art? The Case of Charles Dickens’ Later Novels. Between, 7(13).
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