The novel in the electronic era? The arrival in Italy of In Cold Blood> and he very first reactions

  • Giulio Obici
  • Gianfranco Corsini
Keywords: Truman Capote, In cold Blood, Giulio Obici, Gianfranco Corsini


«Novel of the electronic era»: this was the definition of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood when it appeared periodically on the «New Yorker» in 1965 and then published in volume in 1966, a surprising best seller, hardly discussed, and both paradigmatic and controversial model for the so called non fiction novel.

Nowadays, when we assist to a return of realism and different trends of non fiction, In Cold Blood has been quoted extensively as well as misunderstood and put together with very different texts such as Emmanuel Carrère's Adversaire di Emmanuel Carrère or Saviano's Gomorra. The further readings that we propose here might suggest a reconsideration of its interest and its innovative power; and maybe also a second reading or a very first reading.


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Obici, G., & Corsini, G. (2014). The novel in the electronic era? The arrival in Italy of <i>In Cold Blood&gt; and he very first reactions. Between, 4(8).
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