John R.W. Speller. Bourdieu and Literature

  • Guido Mattia Gallerani Università di Firenze


John R.W. Speller’s study provides an excellent tool for testing Pierre Bourdieu’s thinking and its relevance to our current cultural context. Speller begins by recognising that «the literary and cultural fields have now entered a phase of ‘involution’ in the face of commercial and political pressures, bringing with them new forms of censorship and patronage» (15). I


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Author Biography

Guido Mattia Gallerani, Università di Firenze
Phd in Comparative Literature (Florence), Teaching Assistant at the University of Bologna
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Gallerani, G. M. (2014). John R.W. Speller. <i>Bourdieu and Literature</i&gt;. Between, 4(7).
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