New Issue Published


Dear all,


we are pleased to announce the new issue of “Between” (X.20, 2020): Transmediality / Intermediality / Crossmediality: Problems of Definition, Eds. H.-J. Backe, M. Fusillo, M. Lino, with the focus section Intermedial Dante: Reception, Appropriation, Metamorphosis, Eds. C. Fischer and M. Petricola


The volume also features the following sections:

 "Open Field" ed. by Clotilde Bertoni, Niccolò Scaffai

"Conversation Pieces / Interviews" ed. by Massimo Fusillo

"Web Journals" ed. by Marina Guglielmi

"Between the Texts/Reviews" ed. by Claudia Cao, Giulio Iacoli, Beatrice Seligardi


With best wishes,

the Editorial Team of Between