Ontological or Nominal Hermeneutics?The Problem of the Relationship between Hermeneutics and Being in Gadamer, Rorty, Vattimo and Ricoeur

Vereno Brugiatelli


In this study I will take into examination Gadamer, Rorty, Vattimo and Ricoeur’s hermeneutic perspectives from the viewpoint of the hermeneutical possibility of language to express Being. In the first part, I will examine some aspects of Gadamer’s ontological hermeneutics, then I will focus on the nominal consequences that Rorty and Vattimo deduce from Gadamer’s hermeneutics. In light of the viewpoint expressed by these philosophers regarding the relationship between hermeneutics and ontological reality, in the second part, I intend to develop the central theme of this essay consisting in the analysis of some argumentative moments enabling Ricoeur to bring to light the ontological basis of hermeneutics together with the ability of language to express extralinguistic reality.

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