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Caboni, Paolo (Italy)
Caboni, Paolo
Calabrese, Stefano (Italy)
Camarotto, Valerio
Cammarata, Valeria, University of Palermo (Italy)
Campanile, Achille
Campeggiani, Ida
Cangelosi, Elisabetta
Cangiano, Mimmo, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
Cangiano, Mimmo
Cannas, Andrea, University of Cagliari
Cannone, Donato, University of Bari
Cantino, Simone (Italy)
Cantoni, Vera, Università di Pavia (Italy)
Canu, Claudia
Canu, Lidia, Università di Sassari (Italy)
Canzaniello, Emanuele, University of Bari (Italy)
Canzaniello, Emanuele (Italy)
Canzaniello, Emanuele
Cao, Claudia, University of Cagliari (Italy)
Cao, Claudia, University of Cagliari
Cao, Claudia (Italy)
Capilupi, Stefano M., Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities in St Petersburg (Russian Federation)
Cappellini, Elena (Italy)
Cappi, Valentina, University of Bologna (Italy)

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