Designing Relationship Spaces in Prison

  • Caterina Benelli Department of Ancient and Modern Civilizations- University of Messina


Starting from the vision of the film “Ariaferma" directed by Leonardo Di Costanzo, this paper examines the theme of the educational relationship in prison, particularly in high security areas. The film recalls the theme of interpersonal relationship as a space of life, breath, air as well as an opportunity for exchange, dialogue and educational encounter, offering the subject the opportunity to reflect on himself and experience different ways of communicating, relating and living imprisonment, as an educational opportunity. The educational and aid relationship is a theme at the heart of research and pedagogical reflection also - and above all - in contexts of marginality and social hardship and, above all, in the penitentiary. The experience of the educational relationship in prison, through suitably designed pathways, becomes opportunity for change. In the final section this paper examines a training programme with the use of narrative and autobiographical methodologies carried out in the high security section of the "Gazzi" prison institute of Messina, where women involved particularly in mafia crimes (but not only) live.

Keywords Educational relationship, training, recluse women and mafia, autobiographical narration.




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