Between 'Demand' and 'Effort'

“Education” as a “Path” to a Better Existence

  • Jesús Ríos Vicente


In this work, I propose to pose a problem, both unavoidable and complex, such as that of education and the hermeneutical principles that should inform it, as a "path" to a dignified existence. I start from "my convictions", with the help of a set of texts by classical philosophers who have proposed the search for wisdom as a means to achieve a dignified life through education. All these texts, and their conjugation, lead me to ask myself essential questions about education: What is to educate? What kind of society do we want from the education we provide? What obstacles prevent education? What are the most common problems? What positions do we adopt in front of them? And, finally, some more radical, because it is at the root of the others: In what tradition is the human being educated? Or, what is man for us?


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