Introduction. Indigenous visual and oral registers of non-humans in South American contexts of transformations

Juan Javier Rivera Andía


This small dossier presents a joint ethnographic attempt to address indigenous relationships with external or foreign agents as they are embedded in the images of the devil of colonial Catholic missionaries in the Andes and Amazonia (Dimitri Karadimas) and the sarode of the Ayoreo in a context saturated by modern protestant proselytizers in the Chaco (María Cristina Dasso). These ethnographic approaches are concerned with describing what there is in those worlds, but also with illustrating different forms to approach it. They carry out their descriptions through two contrasted types of fieldwork data: Amerindian iconographic expressions and indigenous narrative forms. And also two contrasted approaches: a regional comparison of Andes and Amazonia, and a focus on the Ayoreo of the Chaco. The final picture of these current anthropological ethnographies depicts some of the contrasted contents and forms that are nowadays being highlighted by ontologically-inflected Amerindian studies.

Keywords: Andes; Amazon; Chaco; Ethnography; Amerindian

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