Cirese 101: Rereading Antonio Gramsci’s “Observations on Folklore”

  • Antonio Maria Pusceddu CRIA/ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal
  • Filippo M. Zerilli (eds) University of Cagliari, Italy


This Anniversary Forum commemorates the figure and work of Alberto Mario Cirese (1921-2011), a prominent Italian anthropologist, on the 101st anniversary of his birth. Cirese’s reading of Gramsci has been highly influential. For this reason, the forum is built around the re-edition of the English translation of Cirese’s essay Gramsci’s Observations on folklore: Conceptions of the world, spontaneous philosophy and class instinct. The essay is followed by short critical interventions of attentive readers of Gramsci’s anthropology: Kate Crehan, Riccardo Ciavolella, Giovanni Pizza. The forum ends with a contribution by Jorge A. González, who recalls his encounter and relation with Cirese, while offering new historical insights on Cirese’s teaching, study and research activities in Mexico.

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Pusceddu, A. and Zerilli (eds), F. (2022) “Cirese 101: Rereading Antonio Gramsci’s ‘Observations on Folklore’”, Anuac, 11(1), pp. 7-86. doi: 10.7340/anuac2239-625X-5282.
Anniversary Forum