The voice of the DEA: Findings of a survey on anthropology and communication in Italy

  • Dario Basile Università di Torino, Italy


This research report presents the findings of a quantitative investigation about anthropology and mass media, based on questionnaires mailed to all Italian anthropology professors (Scientific-Disciplinary Sector M-DEA/01). The goal of this survey was to discover how much Italian anthropologists are present in local, national and international newspapers, radios and televisions. The result of this study indicates a low level of presence in mass media for the Italian anthropologist, indeed three out of four communicate little through mass media and only few of them have a constant presence. Basically, this research indicates a higher local type of communication than a national and international sort of communication. Such individual (such as the academic role) and contextual (such as the geographical location of the university) characteristics are associated with the presence in a particular media. Finally, there is a statical positive correlation between Public Engagement activities and communication. Despite the little communication (even if on average not inferior to that of other colleagues from other disciplines), Italian anthropologists are mostly in favor of the popularization of the discipline through mass media and the web.

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Basile, D. (2021) “The voice of the DEA: Findings of a survey on anthropology and communication in Italy”, Anuac, 10(2), pp. 237-256. doi: 10.7340/anuac2239-625X-4945.
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