• Alan Smart University of Calgary, Canada
  • Josephine Smart University of Calgary, Canada
  • Filippo M. Zerilli (eds) Università di Cagliari, Italy


Addressing a variety of locations and subjects across several social contexts and countries, this forum intends to stimulate novel ways of conceptualizing the inevitable interpenetration and entanglement of formalization and informalization as two interlinked social processes. Rather than proposing a new coherent definition of “informality”, we propose to consider “in/formalization” as a space of practice and reflection which is crucial for engaging with contemporary economy, law and politics and their current local and global articulations and scenarios. The forum features contributions by Stamatis Amarianakis, Lenka Brunclíková, Dolores Koenig, B. Lynne Milgram, Sarah Muir, Antonio Maria Pusceddu, Alan Smart, Mechthild von Vacano, Filippo M. Zerilli & Julie Trappe.
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Smart, A., Smart, J. and Zerilli (eds), F. (2017) “In/formalization”, Anuac, 6(2), pp. 45-108. doi: 10.7340/anuac2239-625X-3065.
Forum: In/formalization