Anthropologists witnessing and reshaping the neoliberal academy

Tracey Heatherington, Filippo M. Zerilli (eds)


This Forum continues the discussions opened up in a previous Anuac Forum (vol. 5, n. 1, June 2016) about the changing nature of higher education under neoliberalism and its implications for the future of anthropology. We hope that these additional commentaries and exchanges will inspire university students, scholars and staff to move together towards a transnational coalition in favour of new visions of the university. The Forum features contributions by Virginia R. Dominguez, Sam Beck, Carl A. Maida, Martin A. Mills, Berardino Palumbo, Alan Smart, Ger Duijzings, Alexis M. Jordan & Shaheen M. Christie, Boone W. Shear, Alexander Koensler & Cristina Papa, and the Reclaiming Our University Movement.

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