An anthropological note on the Grail

  • Alberto Castaldini Center for Hebrew Studies, University of Bucharest


The literature about the Grail is vast, and the intricate complex of philological and literary paths about its myth appears unresolved. The Grail remains an object (stone, gem, plate, cup) which eludes a real description, because it embodies a metamorphosis of great complexity. In this perspective, the metamorphic nature of the Grail seems to acquire an anthropological relevance which goes far beyond the narrative of chivalric romances, charging for a possible anthropopoietic function. For this reason, it would seem to be the man, and not a miraculous object, the real core of the Grail, the actual recipient of its transformation.


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Castaldini, Alberto. 2015. “An Anthropological Note on the Grail”. Anuac 2 (2), 118-26.