Globalization in Mexico: Integrating postmodernity into Tlaxcalan traditionalism

  • Judith Esther Carro Bautista Universidad Autónoma de Tlaxcala, Mexico
  • José Fernando García Zamudio Universidad Autónoma de Tlaxcala, Mexico


Globalization promotes dynamic expansion in postmodern culture, thus new axiological parameters. The advent of globalization to Tlaxcala, traditionalist society hyper-identitary, takes it by surprise and causes some changes for which it was not prepared; impacts its fundamental structures: political, social, communicative, religious and causes cracks in the interactions, for example, in families forged from vintage times. Whole picture can be presented as changes in the classic schemes construction of subjectivities, status, roles, values, motivations, are being corrupted, new types appear, from the techno-hermit locked in the walls of a bedroom connected to the communicational gadgetry, to virtual hypersocial passing day ever palpated connected beings. And all this while, in the same house, adults try to stanch old links.
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Carro Bautista, J. and García Zamudio, J. (2015) “Globalization in Mexico: Integrating postmodernity into Tlaxcalan traditionalism”, Anuac, 2(1), pp. 68-86. doi: 10.7340/anuac2239-625X-66.