Our sister bodily death: Dying yesterday and today. Thinking over a book of Giancarlo Baronti

Pietro Clemente


Starting from a recent book by Giancarlo Baronti on “the folk ideology of death in Umbria”, the Author proposes a reflection that intersects the folklore of death with the death of folklore studies. The essay compares ways of dying of the past with those of today and suggests to rediscover the “tamed death” of the past as opposed to the “untamed death” of our times. This reflection also invites to a new foundation of folklore studies, as anticipated by Baronti’s work.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7340/anuac2239-625X-2590

NBN: http://nbn.depositolegale.it/urn%3Anbn%3Ait%3Aunica-19160


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