CFP: Conference Proceedings - Compalit Verona 2017

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++++ DEADLINE EXTENDED to May 31th, 2018 ++++

Papers presented at the XV Compalit Conference must be submitted by 31th May 2018. All papers must be received electronically through Between Journal online submission system (submission instructions can be found at this page). The issue will be published online in November 2018.

Please remember:

1. Only articles that adhere to the guidelines outlined on the “Submissions” page will be taken into consideration and proceed to the peer-review stage. Authors must ensure to upload their articles to the journal section “Compalit 2017 proceedings”. Delays, incomplete submissions, or submissions that do not adhere to the guidelines will result in the submission not being processed;

2. In keeping with the procedures adopted by the Association Board, only papers presented at the Conference will be considered for publication;

3. Proposals in English or French, or in bilingual version (i.e. Italian and English/French) are welcome;

4. Authors must provide an English translation for their title, abstract, and keywords, regardless of the language of the article; failure to do so will result in the paper being rejected;

5. Proposals must not exceed 40,000 characters (bibliography and footnotes included);

6. In view of our commitment to maintaining a high standard of quality for the Journal (in accordance with ANVUR requirements for A-class publications), reviews will be meticulous and rigorous. Reviewers will also assess whether the topics of the proposed articles fall within the scope of the forthcoming issue, as outlined in the call for papers and during the conference. We are committed to ensuring that peer reviews are conducted with dignity and respect for authors and their work.

For more information, contact us at