CFP Between IX.17 (may 2019)

Imagining the impossible: crossings of creativity between literature and science

Edited by Luciano Boi, Franco D’Intino, Giovanni Vito Distefano

++++ DEADLINE EXTENDED to February 28th, 2019 ++++

To imagine the impossible is apparently – and pour cause – an inescapable test ground for all forms of human creativity. Indeed, a genuinely creative disposition is one that grapples with that part of the real which escapes established patterns of understanding and representation, in order to open unordinary potentials of imagination and expression.

Imagining the impossible is therefore a route to intersecting poetry and science in a way that is not extrinsic to their respective paradigms, but that is essential for both domains, from a twofold perspective. On the one hand, focusing on how the impossible reveals itself and can be conceived and communicated, by means of literary thematization or through the imaginative process formalized in a scientific method . On the other hand, considering the relevance that dealing with the impossible has for the theoretical foundations of scientific disciplines, as well as the poetics and aesthetics that permeate and distinguish the manifold manifestations of human creativity.

Pursuing a largely trans-/inter-disciplinary approach, Betweeen IX.8 “Imagining the impossible: crossings of creativity between literature and science” welcomes proposals, in English, French or Italian, that investigate these topics with reference to a large range of subjects, disciplines and research interests. Contributions are expected to develop along one of the following directions:

  • [object]: the impossible as the object of artistic creation (literature, visual and performative arts, cinema, music, etc.) and of scientific and philosophical theorization: the invention of impossibilia, the making of scientific-mathematical/fictional/natural worlds;
  • [vector]: the search for the impossible (in what shape and form?) as the driving vector and the horizon of art and science;
  • [process]: imaginative processes in the arts and sciences: is it the same kind of imagination? Do they work in the same way? Are their aims comparable?
  • [crossings]: crossings between art and science, from creativity to complexity.

Interested scholars are invited to contact the editors before submitting their articles if more information is needed, or to discuss any doubt about the pertinence of their proposal.

Paper proposals (ready to be published and accompanied by abstract) should be sent by February 28, 2019 following the instructions available on the submission page of the website. Texts selected to be submitted to peer-review will be indicated by March 31, 2019. Papers finally accepted will be published in May 2019.

Proposals in language other than Italian or in bilingual version (including an English version) are appreciated and encouraged.

For information please write to Giovanni Vito Distefano ( or Luciano Boi ( or Franco D'Intino (