Journal History

Anuac, the journal of the homonymous association of anthropology was created in 2012 after decision of the association’s Executive Committee. The making of the journal was notably promoted by Luisa Faldini (University of Genoa) who took over the Editor-in-Chief role during a three-year term (2012-2014), publishing the first six issues (all of which are currently available in the Archives section of this website). Luisa Faldini editorship was assisted by an Executive Board based at the University of Genoa formed by Bruno Barba (Managing Editor), Maria Elena Buslacchi, Alberto Castaldini (Deputy Editor), Alessandra Guigoni, Eliana Pili.

On January 2015 Filippo Zerilli (University of Cagliari) was appointed new Editor-in-Chief of Anuac supported by a new Executive Board based at the University of Cagliari, and a renewed international Advisory Editorial Board.